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fred alcarazFrédérique ALCARAZ, Couleur Caramel Makeup Artist

Frédérique ALCARAZ, the internationally renowned Makeup Artist has been using Couleur Caramel products for 10 years now. She successfully conveys the benefits and quality of our products to celebrities who are keen to look after their image and their skin.

From drawing to the art of makeup

Coming from a large, modest family, Frédérique Alcaraz trained in the field after having worked in a big beauty institute in Paris. This teenager’s dream became a reality thanks to her artistic skill, developed from an early age, and her determination and perseverance. This is how she climbed the ranks to today become a renowned leading makeup artist in the artistic and audiovisual realms.

« My inspiration ? It’s everywhere ! »

An encounter and a few moments shared with Tyen, the makeup artist and creator at Dior, reinforced her decision to also become a makeup artist. This is today, and has been since the beginning, a great source of inspiration. She’s very creative, with her daily environment, such as jewels or nature, stimulating her imagination: « I am always on the lookout for new things. Makeup requires a constant search for new ideas. You can’t rest on your laurels. It evolves very quickly! ».

Exceptional quality

Regularly called upon for fashion shoots, audiovisual events or the promotion of French and international artists, every day “Fred” provides proof of the quality of Couleur Caramel organic makeup in a demanding professional setting, with great hold and coverage, and flawless results.

Organic & Trendy !

Frédérique ALCARAZ skillfully demontrates day after day that organic makeup definitely has its place in the artistic world: you only need to look at fashion shoots to see just how Couleur Caramel range’s tonal originality delivers dazzling results!

Celebrities concerned by ethics

In regular contact with celebrities, Fred can also testify that many stars who are committed to animal or social causes, share Couleur Caramel values and commitments.